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Meteorite Testing, Analysis and Identification

Updated January 22, 2016

New England Meteoritical Services offers a meteorite testing and authentication service to anyone who would like to know if they have found a meteorite. The service is fast, definitive, and inexpensive.

The cost is based upon how fast you need the data from your specimen(s).

Please read all below if submitting a sample.

How to send a sample:

There is no need to submit the entire sample unless it is very small. All that is needed is a small, fingernail - sized piece. Simply break or chip off a piece from any area of your sample (USE EYE and HAND PROTECTION IF CHIPPING A SAMPLE FROM A ROCK). Do not worry about affecting the value (if real). It is routine to take an "authentication slice" from suspected meteorites. Without this process there is no way to be absolutely sure of what you have. The petrology and chemistry of the submitted sample will then be examined as needed. Please do not send any samples larger than golf ball size. If you need to send a larger sample, please email us for the additional return postage costs.

Mark them "SAMPLE A, B,C," etc., securely package them (no paper envelopes please as they usually tear when machine-processed by the USPS) and include your return mailing address, and payment for the testing costs. - check or money order is acceptable, made payable to New England Meteoritical.. All specimens submitted for testing will be returned.

If the sample(s) are meteoritical we will notify you by mail when your sample is returned. For those who request the Express Service, you will also be notified by email within one day of receipt and testing.


Regular Service - $ 20.00, testing within 10 to 14 days, sample(s) returned by First Class US Mail with your report. Up to three samples may be submitted for the $20.00 Regular Service testing cost.

Three Day - $ 30.00, your sample(s) will be tested within three days of receipt and returned by US Mail with your report. Up to three samples may be submitted for the $30.00 Three-Day Service testing cost.

Express Service - $ 45.00, sample(s) will be tested within one day of receipt and you will be notified of the results via email the same day. A report will also be returned with your submitted sample(s). Additionally, if your sample is not a real meteorite, we will send you an authentic, lab-prepared meteorite section to help you to better understand the visual characteristics of meteorites. Up to three samples can be sent for the $45.00 Express Service testing cost, please include email address.

Please note: If requesting Express service we will email the results the same day of testing. Please make sure that our email is not filtered as SPAM or Junk mail by your mail program

Foreign sample testing. The testing charge is the same as listed above but please email us for mailing and payment information.

Important: Please mark on the outside of your package: "Regular", "Three-Day", or "Express Testing". All samples must be sent via the US Postal System. Please do not ask to "drop your samples off", we do not have any over-ther-counter services to accomodate hand-delivery and cannot accept UPS or FedEx deliveries.

Send the sample(s), with payment for your choice of testing service options, for analysis to:

Lab Services
New England Meteoritical Services
P.O. Box 440
Mendon, MA 01756 USA

Please contact us if further information is needed :

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New England Meteoritical Services
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