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Conditions of Sale

Specimens are offered on a first-come, first serve basis. All material is guaranteed to be exactly as described. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each meteoritical specimen. For ordering please go to the Ordering page. Most major credit cards accepted including PayPal. Checks are welcome but please email us first so that we may confirm availability and hold the specimen for you.

These are difficult to acquire meteorite localities or classifications.
All images were taken of the specimens being offered. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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Adzhi-Bogdo, Mongolia, a rare LL3-6
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Adzhi-Bogdo, Mongolia, LL3-6, fusion crusted, 6.80 grams. .
.(The two photographs are of the same specimen.) .
Fell, October 30, 1949 in Gobi Altay, Mongolia. Adzhi-Bogdo is a regolith breccia that contains alkali-granitoids. Rarely seen or available, only about 900 grams found.
Adzhi-Bogdo, 6.80 grams, 25.5mm x 23.7mm x 9.4mm, tapered. Fusion crusted, SOLD
Dresden (Ontario) 1939
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Dresden (Ontario), 2.94 grams .
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Dresden (Ontario), H6
The Dresden, Ontario Fall (differs from the Dresden, Kansas meteorite) occured on June 11, 1939. Rarely available, very little recoved and only small amounts in private collections. 2.94 grams, very clean,16.2mm x 12.4mm x 10mm, $347.00
Danville, Alabama, L6
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Danville, 1.36 grams, 17.4mm x 10.8mm x 2.6mm, $ 272.00 .Danville, 0.60 grams, 14mm x 11mm x 2.7mm, $ 120.00 .Danville, 1.54 grams, 20mm x 18.1mm x 1.6mm, $ 290.00
. . .
Danville, Alabama
A single 2kg stone fell over Morgan County, in Danville, Alabama on November 27, 1868.

Brecciated, chondrule-rich, veined.
Sikhote-Alin, Full Slice
{short description of image}
Sikhote-Alin, IIAB, coarsest octahedrite, 301 grams

Fell on February 12, 1947, Siberia, Russia. Full slice, etched, multiple large shreibersite inclusions.
Spectacular large display specimen, 301 grams, 110mm x 98mm x 7.1 grams. SOLD

Vulcan, Canada, H6
.{short description of image}
Vulcan, 4.84 grams, 27mm x 23mm x 3.8mm, $387.00
The Vulcan, H6 stone meteorite was found in April 1962. Specimens display a dark brown groundmass with bright flakes of Ni/Fe.
The following specimens are exemplary in their content and vivid presentation of chondrules.
Parnallee, India, LL3.6
{short description of image}
Parnallee, 12.4 grams

On February 28, 1857, this meteorite fell over Tamil Nadu, India. Parnallee is a beautiful and famous chondrule-rich stone meteorite that has been well studied with well over 100 professional papers published about its chondrule content.

Parnallee, 12.4 grams, 57.8mm x 24.4mm x 3.8mm, $590.00
Allende, CV3 chondrite - large surface areas.
 This was a huge fall of an important meteorite - a CV3 carbonaceous chondrite falling on February 8, 1969 over Allende, Mexico. Within each slice is a vivid presentation of some of the most enigmatic material to condense within the solar nebula 4.5 billion years ago. As seen below, each slice reveals an abundance of chondrules, calcium-aluminun inclusions and interstellar grains - stardust!."Allende"

These are highly prepared, spectacular display specimens. Each slice is an unaltered time capsule of the early solar system , from four and a half billion years ago.

{short description of image}
Allende 47.7 grams, fusion crusted end piece.

Allende, 47.7 grams, fusion crusted, end cut. The entire reverse side is fusion crusted. 63mm 59mm x 12.3mm, large chondrules, $ 948.00
{short description of image}
Allende 39 grams, fusion crusted, full slice

Allende, 39 grams, 71mm x 49mm x 5mm, many inclusions, studded with chondrules and CAI's, SOLD
{short description of image}
 Allende 33.8 grams, fusion crusted.
Allende, 33.8 grams, 74mm x 53mm x 5mm, fusion crusted, many chondrules and inclusions. SOLD
{short description of image}
Allende, 4.76 grams, fusion crusted, with very large CAI.

Allende, 4.76 grams, 37.0mm x 30.7mm x 2.5mm a really nice, fusion crusted specimen with a huge calcium aluminum inclusion. and many chondrules. A very unusual specimen of this important meteorite, SOLD
Saratov, Russia
{short description of image}
Saratov, 34.8 grams

The photograph above is a close-up of the surface of this meteorite.The Saratov meteorite that fell over Penza, Russia on September 06, 1918 is a spectacular mass of chondrules, tightly grouped and consolidated into a meteorite!. Chondrules range in size from 1mm to 4mm. Saratov is the most chondrule-rich stone meteorite that we have seen.

Saratov, 34.8 grams, 41.5mm x 33.9mm x 17.5mm, $ 320.00
{short description of image}
Richfield, 28.3 grams

Richfield was found in 1983 in Morton County, Kansas. It's a rare classification LL3 that contains light, dark, and LL5 clasts. Offered is a 28.3 grams part slice containing a spectacular array of "armored" chondrules as seen below.

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4.2mm armored chondrule .2mm armored chondrule .2 armored chondrules, 3.2mm and 2.1mm
. . .
 Richfield, 28.3 grams, 50 grams, 34mm x 7mm, 4mm, $ 360.00


On-Line Catalogue, page 2

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