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Micro and Macro Specimens

NEMS has worked diligently to stabilize the availability of many meteorites in a similar manner to the way that Ward's Scientific Establishment stabilized the availability of minerals to the educational community for over forty years.

We are the largest supplier of lab prepared meteorite sections in the world. In our micro- and macro-size meteorite listings, you will find over 600 different meteorites available - almost all from classic Falls and Finds - and all carefully prepared to lab standards.

Meteorite price is generally dependent upon rarity and weight. In many instances, only a small amount of one particular meteorite is found. If this meteorite is of a rare classification, its value will be greater than one in which many pieces were found. More often than not though, many meteorites are simply not available to collectors and educators at any price.

Micro- and macro-size meteorites are all different in size and not sold by weight. Their cost is determined by both supply and the degree of preparation. Many times during the preparation, we lose an equal amount of material (mass) through cutting. While it is always more cost-effective to buy larger specimens, 50 or 100 grams or more, the cost can be prohibitive. A specimen of this size may be US$500 to US$800 for a common classification. This is one of the important reasons for micro- and macro-sized specimens. Although the cost per gram may be higher, collectors and educators are able to acquire representative samples of a variety of meteorites at an affordable cost.

Micro-size specimens are housed in one inch by one inch plastic cases, while macro-size meteorite cases are two inches by two inches. Micro-sizes start at US$18.00 and reflect the same quality of preparation as other NEMS specimens. A collector's case that will hold 45 micro specimens is also available.

Meteorite collection Set #2, 45 localities, available from NEMS

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