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The following material is recommended to anyone interested in gaining more information on meteorites or planetary science in general. These books present a popular treatment of the subject matter in most cases and would be easy reading for anyone with an interest in science.

Many of these books are available in local or university libraries or can be ordered from bookstores or from the NEMS catalogue.

Odessa, Texas, Iron meteorites


Meteorite Craters, 1987, Kathleen Mark, The University of Arizona Press

An in depth post mortem of the process and players in the fairly recent conclusion by geologists and astrophysicists that some unexplained landforms on the Earth were caused by meteorite and asteroid impacts.

METEORITE, Pallasite Press

A quarterly publication from New Zealand full of timely articles from contributing authors around the world. Good reading for anyone wishing to stay current on meteorites and meteoritics.

In thin-section, the mineralogy of meteorites is displayed in vivid color. The publication "METEORITE" has printed many well-written articles on thin-sections.

Meteorites and Their Parent Planets, 1992, Harry Y. McSween, Jr., Cambridge University Press

A detailed review of meteorites, their composition, classification, possible parent planets and theories of formation.

Meteorites - Messengers from Space, 1995, F. Heide and F. Wlotzka, Springer-Verlag, English translation by R.S. Clarke, Jr.

An overview of meteoritics and meteorites with a focus on meteorite composition and mineralogy. Many interesting tables and diagrams.

Buschhof, Latvia. A stone L6 meteorite.

Rocks from Space, 1998 Second Edition, O. Richard Norton, Mountain Press Publishing

A popular guide to meteorites, comets and asteroids - the science, superstition, folklore and people who search for specimens.Nicely revised from first edition published in 1994

The Meteorite & Tektite Collector's Handbook, 1991, Philip M. Bagnal, William-Bell

A good introduction to meteorites and tektites and the practicalities of collecting these fascinating objects. It also deals with the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of specimens.

Cape York, Greenland. The Cape York iron meteorites are some of the largest iron meteorites ever recovered.


Comets, Meteors and Asteroids, 1994, Seymour Simon, Marrow Junior Books

A good introduction to the subject for children in the middle grades; well illustrated with photos including meteorites and asteroids.

Moons & Planets - third edition, 1993, William K. Hartmann, Wadsworth, Inc.

A well written, easy to read introductory college textbook on planetary science; comprehensive, but not intimidating and you don't have to do the problems if you don't want to.

Kesen, Japan. The Kesen stone meteorite, H5, is a metal-rich, stable meteorite

Stardust to Planets, 1993, Harry Y. McSween, Jr., St. Martin Press

An anecdotal introduction to planetary geology. This book features a great deal of recent research and behind the scenes activity never before given popular treatment including some interesting insight into how the identification of the SNC martian meteorites got started.

The New Solar System - third edition, 1990, edited by J. Kelly Beatty and Andrew Chaikin, Cambridge University Press and Sky Publishing

A large format, colorful book written for general audiences on the subject of our solar system. Each chapter is written by one of the top researchers in the subject being presented. A lot of attention given to why as well as what. Contains an excellent chapter on meteorites by John A. Wood.

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