Micros and Macros from New England Meteoritical Services

What are Micros and Macros?

Our Micro and Macro-size specimens are small slices and fragments of researched meteorites. All have previously undergone extensive mineralogical analysis during authentication and have been accepted by the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society**.

In our Micro and Macro Listings, you will find slices and sections of over 600 different meteorites - all carefully prepared in our laboratory to research standards. Each one is supplied with documentation, mineralogical data, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity from New England Meteoritical Services.

The affordable price of Micros and Macros offers collectors, educators, and researchers a unique opportunity to examine the differences among chondrites, achondrites, nickel-irons, mesosiderites, pallasites, ataxites, and other types of meteorites.

All specimens from New England Meteoritical Services are suitable for microscopic examination or microprobe analysis. All have been prepared to exhibit the internal structure and, when possible, fusion crust.

The size and weight vary among specimens and are generally dependent upon rarity of type and class. Macros, when available, are usually three times larger than micros. All specimens are individually enclosed within a clear mineral specimen case that may be opened for detailed examination. Micros are supplied in a 1" case, Macros are in a 2" case.

** The Meteoritical Society is an international collective of about 1000 scientists. The publishings of the Society are contained and presented monthly in the journal "Meteoritics". It is regarded as the 4th most prestigious journal in science.