New England Meteoritical Services

Platinum Group Metals, Luna and Martian Soil Simulants

Natural Gold

Nuggets and Placer deposits from 6 localities.
  All gold specimens are enclosed in a clear 1" x 1" display case easily opened for examination.
Crystallized Gold  

Locality Size Price
Trinity County, CA, USA, angular, golden nuggets, 2mm x 3mm $ 18.00
Trinity County, CA, USA, angular, golden nuggets 3mm x 6mm $ 28.00
Witwaterland District, South Africa, smooth, roundish, nuggets 3mm x 4mm $ 22.00
Victoria, Australia, angular, flat, textured nuggets 4mm x 5mm $ 26.00
Valdez Creek, Alaska, USA, bright golden nuggets 3mm x 5mm $ 22.00
Mother Lode, CA, USA, smooth, rounded nuggets 3mm x 4mm $ 22.00
Crystalline Mine, Jamestown, CA, USA, crystallized gold.
These look like bright little golden snowflakes!
3mm x 4mm $ 28.00
Larger nuggets up to 15mm available, please email for price and size.    

Native Silver

4 localities, dendritic silver, "wire" silver, crystallized, silver in matrix.

Silver in matrix, polished slice Wire Silver

Silver in matrix Dendritic Silver.
  All silver specimens are enclosed in a clear 1" x 1" display case easily opened for examination.
 Silver, 4 localities
Locality Size Price
Native Silver, Batopilas, Mexico, polished slice 5mm x 15mm $ 20.00
Dendritic Silver in matrix, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada,
polished slice, rare
10mm x 15mm $ 26.00
Wire Silver, Batopilas, Mexico, unique wire-like shapes, rare 10 to 12 mm lengths $ 22.00
Potosi, Bolivia, silver in matrix, polished slice, bright luster 5mm x 10mm $ 15.00

Gold assay core sections
Actual core samples from gold mining operations
These are actual core samples of ore-bearing rock that have yielded at least .02oz of gold per ton. Each sample is approximately 35mm in diameter x 15mm thick.

Leitch Gold Mine, Beardmore, Ontario
Noracme Gold Mine, Manitoba, Canada
Pidgeon Mine, Sioux Lookout, Canada

Drill cores, $18.00 each
Platinum Nuggets  
Of all the collectable precious metals, platinum nuggets are the rarest and most difficult to acquire. These individual nuggets are approximately 2mm in diameter and have a tan/silvery luster appearance. From Fox Gulch, Goodnews Bay, Alaska, USA

Each nugget is enclosed in a clear specimen case easily opened for examination.

Platinum nugget, approximately 2mm in diameter, $ 28.00 Platinum Nuggets

Luna Soil Simulant  
Developed at NASA, this lunar soil simulant is very similar in color, texture, composition and particle size to lunar mare soil. It is made from crushed volcanic material from northern Arizona, USA.

Supplied in #10 capsules, Lunar Soil Simulant, $ 12.00 per capsule
  Luna Soil Simulant
Martian Soil Simulant  
The soil of Mars is composed of reddish-brown, windblown dust. This NASA-altered volcanic ash from Hawaii closely matches the color and particle size of martian soil. If you were on the surface of Mars, this is how it would look and feel.

Supplied in #10 capsules, Martian Soil Simulant, $ 12.00 per capsule.
  Martian Soil Simulant