Micros and Macros from New England Meteoritical Services

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Name Location Type, Classification Notable attributes
Page City Kansas Iron, IVA A nice iron meteorite
Pampa (b) Antofagasta, Chile Stone, L4/5 Transistional chondrite
Pampa (c) Antofagasta, Chile Stone, L4 A nice L4, visible metal flake
Pantar Mindanao, Philippines Stone, H5 Dk, chondrules
Parnallee Tamil Nadu, India Stone, LL3 Excellent chondrules
Pavlograd Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Stone, L6 Dk grey/brown, metal
Peace River Alberta, Canada Stone, L6 Canadian meteorites are very hard to acquire
Peekskill Westchester Co, New York Stone, H6 This one is always in demand, it hit a car!
Pena Blanca Spring Brewster Co, Texas Stone, Achondrite, Aubrite Excellent achondrite seen to fall in Texas
Perpeti Tippera, Bangladesh Stone, L6 Brown, visible metal
Pervomaisky Vladimir, Russia Stone, L6 metal flake, dk
Petersburg Lincoln Co, Tennessee Stone, Achondrite Rare class of meteorite
Pillistfer Vohma, Estonia Stone, Enstatite, EL6 Low-iron enstatite - rare
Pipe Creek Bandera Co, Texas Stone, H6 Dk brown, lots of visible metal
Plainview (1917) Hale Co, Texas Stone, H5 A nice Texas chondrite
Portales Valley Roosevelt Co, New Mexico Stone, H6 Fell June 13, 1998
Potter Cheyenne Co, Nebraska Stone, L6 Dk, visible metal
Pultusk Warsaw, Poland Stone, H5 Nice stone meteorite, metal, chondrules
Putnam County Georgia Iron, IVA Very nice iron from Georgia
. . .  
Queen's Mercy Cape Province, S Africa Stone, H6 Fell April 30, 1925
Quenggouk Bassein, Burma Stone, H4 Fell Dec 27, 1857
. . .  
Raguli Stavropol, Russia Stone, H3 Visible metal, chondrules
Rangala Jodhpur, India Stone, L6 Fell Dec. 29, 1937
Ransom Ness Co, Kansas Stone, H4 Visible metal flake, nice
Raoyang Hebei, China Stone, L6 Chondrule, metal flake
Red River Texas Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite
Reid 013 Australia Stone, Achon., Brachinite Very, very rare primitive achondrite
Reliegos Leon, Spain Stone, L5 A nice meteorite from Spain
Renfrow Grant Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 Dk Grey, metal
Rhineland Knox Co, Texas Stone, H5 Dk brown, metal flake
Richfield Morton Co, Kansas Stone, LL3 An excellent stone meteorite, lots of chondrules, metal flake
Rio Limay Rio Negro Prov., Argentina Stone, L5 From a single, huge, 280kg mass, melt zones, grey, chondrules.
Roundup Montana Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite
Roy (1933) Harding Co, New Mexico Stone, L5 Visible metal flake
Rush County Indiana Stone, H5 Visible metal, chondrules
Rush Creek Kiowa Co, Colorado Stone, L6 Dk. metal flake
. . .  
St. Peter Graham Co, Kansas Stone, L5 Nice, chondrules
Sahara E3 Sahara, Libya Stone, Enstatite, E3 Very rare type, lots of chondrules
Sand Creek Graham Co. KS, USAl Stone, H5 Dk brown, chondrules
Saint Francois County Missouri Iron, IC Coarse octahedrite
Saint Lawrence Glasscock Co, Texas Stone, LL6 Visible metal flake
Saint Michel Mikkeli, Finland Stone, L6 lot's of chondrules, metal, lt grey
Saint Severin Charente, France Stone, LL6 Chondrules, metal flake
Salaices Chihuahua, Mexico Stone, H4 Dk brown, metal
Salla Lappi, Finland Stone, L6 Visible metal flake
Santa Apolonia Nativitas, Mexico Iron, IIIA Unusual iron, nice Wid Pattern
Santa Catharina Brazil Iron, Ataxite, Anomalous Found in 1875
Santa Clara Durango, Mexico Iron, Ataxite, IVB A IVB found in 1976
Santiago Papasquiero Durango, Mexico Iron, Ataxite Found in 1958, rare class
Saratov Penza, Russia Stone, L4 Superb chondrules
Sargiin Gobi Mongolia Iron, IA Very rare locality
Sayh al Uhaymir
Oman Stone, L5 Excellent chondrules, metal
Scott City Scott Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Visible metal, low cost
Seagraves (c) Gaines Co, Texas Stone, L6/7 Found in an abandoned house
Segowlie Bihar, India Stone, L6 Fell March 4, 1853
Seibert (a) Kit Carson Co, Colorado Stone, H5 Visible metal, low cost
Selma Dallas Co, Alabama Stone, H4 Chondrules, metal
Seminole Gaines Co, Texas Stone, H4 Brown, visible metal flake
. . .
Seymour Webster Co, Missouri Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Shafter Lake Andrews Co, Texas Stone, H5 Brown, chondrules
Shelburne Grey Co, Ontario, Canada Stone, L5 Rare Canadian meteorite
Sierra Colorada Argentina Stone, L5 Dk Grey, metal flake
Sikhote Alin Maritime Territory, Russia Iron, IIB A favorite, coarsest octahedrite
Silverton Briscoe Co, Texas Stone, H4 Visible metal flake
Sinawan 001 Jabal al Gharb, Libya Stone, L6 Nice, metal flake, chondrules
Sleeper Camp 001 Nyanga Plain, Australia Stone, L6 Visible metal flake
Slovak Prairie Co, Arkansas Stone, H5 Brown, metal flake
Smithville DeKalb Co, Tennessee Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Social Circle Walton Co, Georgia Iron, IVA Passed too close to the Sun, light Wid Pattern
Soko-Banja Aleksinac, Serbia Stone, LL4 Fell Oct. 13 1877
Somervell County Texas Stony Iron, Pallasite Orange crystals
Squaw Creek Somervell Co, Texas Iron, IIA Nice iron meteorite
Starvation Lake Border Downs, Australia Stone, LL4 Tan/rown, metal flake
Staunton Augusta Co, Virginia Iron, IIIE Nice octahedrite
Steinbach Erzgebirge. Germany Iron, IVA Anomalous Rare iron meteorite
Suizhou Hubei, China Stone, L6 Nice chondrules
. . .  
Tadjera Setif, Algeria Stone, L5 Low cost L5
Taiban DeBaca Co, New Mexico Stone, L5 Dk brown, visible metal flake
Talpa Coleman Co, Texas Stone, H6 Brown, metal flake
Tatahouine Tunisia Stone, Achon., Diogenite Rare class, very nice
Tenham Queensland, Australia Stone, L6 Tan, chondrules
Texline Dallam Co, Texas Stone, H5 Brown, chondrules
Tiberrhamine Tademait, Algeria Stone, L6 Veined chondrite
Tierra Blanca Castro Co, Texas Stone, Winonaite Very rare class of meteorite
Tlacotepec Puebla, Mexico Iron, Ataxite, IVB Nice ataxite, 15.82% nickel
Tokio (a) Terry Co, Texas Stone, H5 Brown, chondrules
Toluca Xiquipilco, Mexico Iron, IA A historically significant iron meteorite
Travis County(a) Travis Co, Texas Stone, H5 Brown, metal flake
Trenton Washington Co, Wisconsin Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite
Trenzano Brescia, Italy Stone, H3/4 Fell Nov 12, 1856
Tres Castillos Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IIAB Medium octahedrite
Trifir West Sahara, Mali Stone, L6 Found in the desert in 1956
Tsarev Volgograd, Russia Stone, L5 Dk brown, metal flake
Tugalin-Bulen Mongolia Stone, H6 Very rare locality
Tulia (a) Swisher Co, Texas Stone, H3/4 Dk brown, metal flake
Tuxtuac Zacatecas, Mexico Stone, LL5 grey, metal flake
. . .  
Udipi Karnataka, India Stone, H5 Fell April 1866
Ulysses Grant Co, Kansas Stone, H4 Found in 1927
Umbarger Randall Co, Texas Stone, L3/6 Nice, chondrules, melt zones
Ute Crek Union Co, New Mexico Stone, H4 Brown, chondrules
Uwet Calabar, Nigeria Iron, IIA Hexahedrite
. . .  
Vaca Muerta Atacama, Chile Stony Iron, Mesosiderite The most popular mesosiderite
Vouille Vienne, France Stone, L6 Visible metal flake
. . .  
Waconda Mitchell Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Lt grey, chondrules
Walker County Alabama Iron, Hexahedrite, IIA Very nice hexahedrite
Walters Cotton Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 Dk grey, chondrules
Waltman Natrona Co, Wyoming Stone, L4 Visible metal
Warden Ashburton Dist., Australia Stone, H5 Metal flake
Watson Nullarbor Plain, Australia Iron, IIE Finest octahedrite, IIE
Wellman (a) Terry Co, Texas Stone, H5 Dk brown, metal
Wellman (c) Terry Co, Texas Stone, H4 Brown, chondules
West Forrest Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, H5 Brown, oxidized, metal
Weston Fairfield, Connecticut Stone, H4 Historic Fall, Dec 14, 1807
Wichita County Texas Iron, IIICD Coarse octahedrite, 1836
Wiluna Western Australia Stone, H5 Nice Australin stone meteorite
Woolgorong Nedlands, Australia Stone, L6 Brown, chondrules
. . .  
Yarle Lakes 001 Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, H5 Chondrules, metal flake
Yatoor Nellore, India Stone, H5 Fell Jan 23, 1852
Yenberrie Northern Territory, Australia Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Yilmia Kambalda, Australia Stone, Enstatite, EL6 Rare enstatite meteorite
.Zag .Morocco . Regolith breccia, halide, aqueous fluid inclusions
Zagami Katsina, Nigeria Stone, Achondrite, Martian An achondrite from Mars. Fell on Oct 3, 1962 in Nigeria