Micros and Macros from New England Meteoritical Services

Alphabetized Listing, K-O. Updated Dec. 15, 2001

Name Location Type, Classification Notable attributes
Kabo Kano State, Nigeria Stone, H4 Black, xenolithic, chondrulesi
Kaffir (b) Swisher Co, Texas Stone, H4 Dk grey, visible metal
Kainsaz Russia Stone, Carbonaceous, CO3 Rare CO3 classification
Kaldoonera Hill South Australia Stone, H6 Brown/reddish, metal
Karatu Arusha, Tanzania Stone, LL6 Fell Sept. 11, 1963
Kargapole Kurgan, Russia Stone, H5 Found July 1961
Karoonda Buccleuch, Australia Stone, Carbonaceous, CK4 Lt grey, very rare carbonaceous chondrite
Kediri East Java, Indonesia Stone, L4 L4, visible metal
Kelly Logan Co, Colorado Stone, LL4 Brecciated, visible metal
Kendleton Fort Bend Co, Texas Stone, L4 Black, brecciated, contains L3 clasts
Kenna Roosevelt Co, New Mexico Stone, Ureilite Urelites are very rare, desirable for all collection
Kenton County Kentucky Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite
Kernouve Morbihan, France Stone, H6 Veined chondrite
Kesen Honshu, Japan Stone, H4 Brecciated, lots of metal
Keyes Cimarron Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 Found by Nininger in 1939
Kidairat Kordofan, Sudan Stone, H4 Visible metal, chondrules
Kimble County Texas Stone, H6 Brown/grey, metal flake
Kingfisher Kingfisher Co, Oklahoma Stone, L5 Dk grey chondrite
Knyahinya Ungvar, Ukraine Stone, L/LL5 Brecciated chondrite
Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana Iron, Ataxite IVB Found in 1862
Korra Korrabes Namibia, Africa Stone, H3 Tan, brown, chondrules
Kress (a) Swisher Co, Texas Stone, L6 Tan/brown
Krymka Nikolaev, Ukraine Stone, LL3 Contains small C chondrite clasts
Kulnine Wentworth Co, Australia Stone, L6 Dk brown, visible metal
Kunashak Chelyabinsk, Russia Stone, L6 Veined, melt pockets
Kuttippuram Kerala, India Stone, L6 Fell April 6, 1914
Kybunga South Australia Stone, L5 Visible metal, chondrules
Kyle Hays Co, Texas Stone, L6 a 7.78kg stone found by children in 1965
. . .
.LA001 .Analysis done in LA, CA .Martian Shergottite Martian, extremely rare
L'Aigle Orne, France Stone, L6
Historic Fall
Historic Fall, April 26, 1803
La Lande De Baca Co, New Mexico Stone, L5 Dk brown, metal, chondrules
La Villa Hidalgo Co, Texas Stone, H4 Brown matrix, metal flake
Laborel Drome, France Stone, H5 Fell June 14, 1871
Ladder Creek Greeley Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Visible metal, low cost
Lake Bonney Australia Stone, L4 Brown, chondrules
Lake Labyrinth Australia Stone, LL6 Believed to have fallen Feb, 1924
Lake Murray Carter Co, Oklahoma Iron, IIB Fell during Earth's Cretaceous period. Very interesting specimen for any collection.
Laketon Gray Co, Texas Stone, L6 Found by Nininger in 1937
Lakewood Eddy Co, New Mexico Stone, L6 Found in 1955
Laundry West Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, L4 Tan, chondrules
Lazbuddie Parmer Co, Texas Stone, LL5 Tan, chondrules
Leedy Dewey Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 Fell Nov. 25, 1943

S. Dakota, USA Stone, H5 Dk brown, chondrules
Long Island Phillips Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Veined chondrite, found in 1891
Lowicz Poland Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Fell March 12, 1935. Rare classification
Luotolax Viborg, Finland Stone, Achon., Howardite Very rare classification
. . .  
Macy Roosevelt Co, New Mexico Stone, L6 Dk brown, metal flake
Malakal Upper Nile Province, Sudan Stone, L5 Contains maskelynite, dk grey
Marden Pakistan Stone, H5 Fell May 8, 1948
Marion Linn Co, Iowa Stone, L6 Veined chondrite, metal
Markovka Altay Region, Russia Stone, H4 Grey, chondrules
Marlow Stephans Co, Oklahoma Stone, L5 Low cost L5,chondrules
Marshal County Kentucky Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite
Marsland Dawes Co, Nebraska Stone, H5 Low cost, dk brown
Mayfield Sumner Co, Kansas Stone, H4 Brown, visible metal flake
Mayodan Rockingham Co, N Carolina Iron, Hexahedrite May be paired with Indian Valley
Maziba Kabale, Uganda Stone, L6 Fell Sept. 24, 1942
Mbale Uganda Stone, L5/6 Fresh, veined chondrite
McKenzie Draw (a) Gaines Co, Texas Stone, H4 Dk brown, nice visible metal
McKenzie Draw (b) Gaines Co, Texas Stone, H4 Dk brown, some chondrules
McKinney Colin Co, Texas Stone, L4 Low cost L4
Melrose (a) Curry Co, New Mexico Stone, L5 A meteorite with gold inside!
Metsakyla Hamina, Finland Stone, H4 A nice H4, metal flake
Miami Roberts Co, Texas Stone, H5 Found by Nininger
Mighei Ukraine Stone, Carbonaceous, CM2 Rare, black, inclusions
Miles Queensland, Australia Iron, IIE
Silicate Inclusions
Nice silicate inclusions in the Ne/Fe matrix
Millbillillie Wiluna, Australia Stone, Achondrite An excellent achondrite for any collection, always in demand.
Mills Harding Co, New Mexico Stone, H6 Dk brown, visible metal
Misshof Courtland, Latvia Stone, H5 Fell April 10, 1890
Misteca Oaxaca, Mexico Iron, Anomalous Coarse octahedrite
Mocs Transylvania, Romania Stone, L5-6 Lt grey interior, very nice
Modoc 1905 Scott Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Veined L6
Molina Murcia, Spain Stone, H5 Fell Dec. 24 1858
Mont Dieu Ardennes, France Iron, Anomalous Coarse octahedrite
Moorabie New South Wales, Australia Stone, L3 Great chondrules, metal flake
Morasko Poznan, Poland Iron, IIICD Coarse octahedrite
Morland Graham Co, Kansas Stone, H6 Dk brown chondrite
Morton Cochran Co, Texas Stone, H6 Brown, visible metal flake
Motpena South Australia Stone, L6 Brown, metal inclusions
Mount Ayliff South Africa Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite found in 1907
Mount Edith Australia Iron, IIIB Medium octahedrite
Mount Egerton Australia Stone, Achondrite, Aubrite Rare classification from Australia
Mount Joy Adams Co, Pennsylvania Iron, IIB Coarsest octahedrite found in 1887
Mount Padbury Australia Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Reddish, metal-rich, rare
Mount Tazerzait Tahoua, Niger Stone, L5 Small vug-like inclusions, nice
Mount Vernon Kentucky Stony Iron, Pallasite Dark olivine crystals
Mulberry Draw Hamphill Co, Texas Stone, L5 Dk grey/brown, metal flake
Mulga North Western Australia Stone, H6 Very old terrestrial age
Murchison Australia Stone, Carbonaceous, CM2 A favorite. Amino acids from space! Chondrules, CAI's
Murfeesboro Rutherford Co, Tennessee Iron, Anomalous Very nice iron meteorite
Murphy North Carolina Iron, Hexahedrite, IIA Found in 1899
Murray Kentucky Stone, Carbonaceous, CM2 Black, small chondrules, nice
. . .  
Nakhla Egypt Stone, Achondrite
Martian Origin
One of the "Crown Jewels" of meteorites. From Mars
Nakhon Pathom Thailand Stone, L6 Rare locality, very nice
Nanjemoy Charles Co, Maryland Stone, H6 Visible metal, chondrules
Nantan Nantan Co, China Iron, IIIC A very old Chinese fall
Naoki Parbhani Dist, India Stone, H6 Dk, visible metal
Naryilco Queensland, Australia Stone, LL6 Mottled brown/tan/cream matrix, metal flake
Navajo Apache Co, Arizona Iron, IIB Found buried with Indian beads
Neenach Los Angeles Co, California Stone, L6 Found in April 1948
Nelson County Kentucky Iron, IIIF Very unusual iron meteorite
Ness County (1894) Ness Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Dk, visible metal
New Concord Muskingum Co, Ohio Stone, L6 Lt grey, lots of visible metal
N'Goureyma Djenne, Mali Iron, Anomalous Unusual, not always available
Nikolskoe Solnechnogorsk, Russia Stone, L4 Fell March 6, 1954
North Chile Antofagosta, Chile Iron, Hexahedrite, IIA Found in 1875
Northbranch Jewell Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Dk grey interior, low cost
Norton County Kansas Stone, Achondrite, Aubrite A "white" achondrite, nice, rare
Nuevo Mercurio Zacatecas, Mexico Stone, H5 Dk grey, lots of visible metal
Nullarbor 001 Australia Stone, H5 Reddish chondrite
Nullarbor 002 Australia Stone, H6 Reddish chondrite
. . .  
Oak Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, L5 Brown/tan chondrite
Ocotillo California Iron, IAB Coarse octahedrite
Odessa Ector Co, Texas Iron, IA A nice iron, nice Wid. Pattern
Oesel Estonia Stone, L6 Fell May 11, 1855
Ogallala Keith Co, Nebraska Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Ohaba Transylvania, Romania Stone, H5 Rare locality, visible metal
Okniny Volhynia, Ukraine Stone, LL6 Low iron chondritea
Olivenza Badajoz, Spain Stone, LL5 This class is hard to acquire
Olmedilla de Alarcon Cuenca, Spain Stone, H5 Very nice stone meteorite
Orange River South Africa Iron, IIIB Coarse octahedrite, found in 1855
Orgueil France Stone, Carbonaceous, CI1 One of the rarest meteorites
Otinapa Durango, Mexico Stony Iron, Pallasite Orange olivine,nice
Otis Rush Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Brecciated L6
Oubari Fezzen, Libya Stone, LL6 A brecciated LL6
Ovid Sedgwick Co, Colorado Stone, H6 Visible metal
Owasko Kimball Co, Nebraska Stone, L6 Tan, visible metal
Ozona Crockett Co, Texas Stone, H6 Dk brown, metal flake