Micros and Macros from New England Meteoritical Services

Alphabetized Listing, D-J.

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Name Location Type, Classification Notable attributes
Dalgaranga Australia Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Many fragments were found in a 70' crater, 11' deep
Dalgety Downs Gascoyne, Australia Stone, L4 A nice L4. Tan, chondrules
Dalhart Dallam Co, Texas Stone, H5 Found by a hunter of Indian artifacts, Brown, metal flake
Dandapur Uttar Pradesh, India Stone, L6 Veined chondrite
Daniel's Kuil South Africa Stone, Enstatite EL6 Very rare. Contains Oldhamite and Daubreelite
Danville Morgan Co, Alabama Stone, L6 Brecciated, veined chondrite
Dar al Gani 262 Libya Lunar anorthosite Lunar rock, very rare.
Dar al Gani 319 Oman Ureilite Very rare classification
Dar al Gani 476 Oman Achondrite, Shergottite OF martain origin, very rare
Davy (a) DeWitt Co, Texas Stone, L4 An L4 found by Nininger, 1940
Dawn (a) Randall Co, Texas Stone, H6 From the Oscar Monnig Collection
DeNova Washington Co, Colorado Stone, L6 Veined chondrite, low cost
Deakin 007 Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, H6 Dark brown, metal flake
Deelfontein Cape Province, S Africa Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite, found 1930's
Deep Springs Rockingham Co, N Carolina Iron, Ataxite Ungrouped, found 1846
Del Rio Val Verde Co, Texas Iron, Ataxite IIF ataxite
Densmore (1879) Norton Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Dark grey, chondrules
Deport Red River Co, Texas Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Dhajala Gujarat, India Stone, H3 Fell January 28, 1976
Dhofar 007 Oman Eucrite, Achondrite Brecciated achondrite, rare
Dhurmsala Kangra, India Stone, LL6 Contains C chondrite clasts
Diep River Cape Province, S Africa Stone, L6 Fell through the roof of a house
Dimboola Victoria, Australia Stone, H5 Found in 1944
Dimmitt Castro Co, Texas Stone, H3 An excellent Texas meteorite
Dix Kimball Co, Nebraska Stone, L6 Dark grey, L6 found in 1927x
Dokachi Dacca, Bangladesh Stone, H5 Veined chondrite
Dolgovoli Volhynia, Ukraine Stone, L6 Fell June 26, 1864
Drake Creek Sumner Co, Tennessee Stone, L6 Brecciated, veined chondrite
Dresden Decatur Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Uncovered by a bulldozer in 1953
Dundrum Tipperary, Ireland Stone, H5 Fell August 12, 1865
Dungannon Scott Co, Virginia Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Durala Punjab, India Stone, L6 Veined chondrite
Dwight Geary Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Found by Nininger, 1940
. . .
Eads Colorado Stone, H4 Found in a corn field, 1975
Eagle Cass Co, Nebraska Stone, Enstatite, EL6 Rare, Fell in 1946
Eagles Nest Australia Stone, Achon., Brachinite Very rare type, primitive achondrite
Edmonson (a) Hale Co, Texas Stone, L6 Dark grey L6
Edmonson (b) Hale Co, Texas Stone, H4 Dark brown
Edmonton (Kentucky) Metcalfe Co, Kentucky Iron, IIIC Fine octahedrite, .32mm
El Burro Coahuila,Mexico Iron, IIB Coarsest octahedrite
El Djouf 001 Algeria Stone, Carbonaceous CR2 Very rare, R type
El Perdido Bahia Blanca, Argentina Stone, H5 Plowed up in a field
Elba Washington Co, Colorado Stone, H5 Brown, visible metal, nice
Ellicot El Paso, Colorado Iron IA Medium octahedrite Medium octahedrite
Elm Creek Lyon Co, Kansas Stone, H4 Gas-rich chondrite
Emery South Dakota Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Found in a pile of stones, very nice mix of metal and achondritic material
Ergheo Brava, Somalia Stone, L5 Black, visible metal
Erie Weld Co, Colorado Stone, L6 Dark grey, nice metal
Esquel Chubut, Argentina Stony Iron, Pallasite Green crystals, very nice
Estacado Hale Co, Texas Stone, H6 Nice Texas meteorite.
Estherville Emmet Co, Iowa Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Historic Fall, excellent mesosiderite
Etter Moore Co, Texas Stone, L5 Dark grey/green, lots of metal
. . .
Fairview Bailey Co, Texas Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite found during a cattle roundup
Faith Perkins Co, S Dakota Stone, H5 Stone, lots of metal
Farley Colfax Co, New Mexico Stone, H5 Veined chondrite
Farmington Washington Co, Kansas Stone, L5 Very nice, chondrules, grey
Faucett Buchanan Co, Missouri Stone, H5 Bright metal flake, chondrules
Felt Cimarron Co, Oklahoma Stone, H6 Chondrules, visible metal
Felt (b) Cimarron Co, Oklahoma Stone, L3-5 Brecciated, black melt veins
Finmarken Finmark, Norway Stony Iron, Pallasite Rounded olivine crystals
Finney Hale Co, Texas Stone, L5 Dark grey, chondrules
Fisher Polk Co, Minnesota Stone, L6 Veined chondrite, fell April 9, 1894
Flagg Castro Co, Texas Stone, L5 Metal flake, chondrules
Flandreau Moody Co, S Dakota Stone, H5 Dk brown, shocked, metal
Forest City Winnebago Co, Iowa Stone, H5 Brecciated, chondrules
Forrest 002 Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, L6 Dark red/brown
Forsyth Monroe Co, Georgia Stone, L6 Veined chondrite
Forsyth County North Carolina Iron, Hexahedrite IIA Hexahedrite found in 1891
Foster Terry Co, Texas Stone, H4 Brown, metal flake
Foum Zquid Jebel Bani, Morocco Iron, IIB Coarsest octahedrite
Frankel City Andrews Co, Texas Stone, L6 Dark grey, visible metal
Franklin Sinpson Co, Kentucky Stone, H5 Dark grey/black chondrite
Futtehpur Allahabad, India Stone, L6 Fell Nov. 30, 1822
. . .  
Gail Borden Co, Texas Stone, H4 Brown, chondrules
Gaines Co Park Gaines Co, Texas Stone, H5 Black, bright metal flake
Gao-Guenie Gourounsi, Burkina Faso Stone, H5 Brown, lots of visible metal
Garnett Anderson Co, Kansas Stone, H4 Tan, visible metal
Garraf Barcelona, Spain Stone, L6 Found in 1905, metal flake
Garrison Roosevelt Co, New Mexico Stone, H5 Dk brown, metal flake
Gaylord Smith Co, Kansas Stone, H4 Metal flake
Gibeon Great Namaland, Namibia Iron, IVA Nice wid Pattern
Gilgoin New South Wales, Australia Stone, H5 Found in 1889
Gladstone Queensland, Australia Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Gladstone Union Co, New Mexico Stone, H4 Dk brown, chondrules
Glanggang West Java, Indonesia Stone, H5-6 Brecciated, contains H6 clasts
Gold Basin Mohave Co, Arizona Stone, L4 Metal-rich, nice
Gomez Terry Co, Texas Stone, L6 Dk Grey/brown, metal
Goodland Sherman Co, Kansas Stone, L4 Found by Nininger
Grady 1937 Curry Co, New Mexico Stone, H3 Lt. grey, chondrules
Grady (c) Curry Co, New Mexico Stone, H4 Dark brown, bright metal
Grant Cibola Co, New Mexico Iron, IIIB Nice Wid Pattern
Grant County Grant Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Grey, visible metal
Grassland Lynn Co, Texas Stone, L4 Brown, visible metal
Grayton Walton Co, Florida Stone, H5 Found in 1983
Great Bend Barton Co, Kansas Stone, H6 Dk brown, metal flake
Gretna Phillips Co, Kansas Stone, L5 Brown matrix
Guadalupe y Calvo Mexico Iron, Hexahedrite IIA iron, hexahedrite
Guarena Badajoz, Spain Stone, H6 Fell July 20, 1892
. . .  
Hainholz Germany Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Lt. tan. extraordinary
Hajmah (c) Hajmah, Oman Stone, L5/6 Dk brown
Hammaj du Draa Algeria Stone, H5 Dk brown
Happy (a) Swisher Co, Texas Stone, H3 Chondrules, metal
Happy Canyon Texas Stone, Enstatite, EL6/7 Rare classification, rare stone
Hardesty Texas Co, Oklahoma Iron, IIIB Medium octahedrite
Hardwick Rock Co, Minnesota Stone, L4 Found in 1937
Harleton Harrison Co, Texas Stone, L6 Fell May 30, 1961
Harriman Roane, Tennessee Iron, IVA Contains 7.96% nickel
Harrisonville Cass Co, Missouri Stone, L6 Veined chondrite
Haskell Haskell Co, Texas Stone, L5 Grey, chondrules in matrix
Hassayampa Maricopa Co, Arizona Stone, H4 Dk Brown, metal
Hat Creek Niabrara Co, Wyoming Stone, H4 Chondrules, metal
Haxtun Phillips Co, Colorado Stone, L4 Dk brown, very nice matrix
Hamlet Starke Co, Indiana Stone, LL4 Gas-rich, contains melt rock clasts
Hayes Center Hayes Co, Nebraska Stone, L6 Dk grey matrix
Henbury Australia Iron
Whole Specimen
Famous Australian meteorite
Heredia Costa Rica Stone, H5 Rare locality
Hermitage Plains Australia Stone, L6 Dk brown, metal
Hessle Uppsala, Sweden Stone, H5 Grey, chondrules, nice
Hesston Harvey Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Visible metal flake
Hex River Cape Province, S Africa Iron, Hexahedrite IIA iron
Hinojal Entre Rios, Argentina Stone, L6 Small metal grains
Hoba Grootfontein, Namibia Iron, Ataxite The largest Ataxite known
Holbrook Navajo Co, Arizona Stone, L6 Historic Fall
Homestead Iowa Co, Iowa Stone, L5 Lt grey matrix, chondrules
Horace Greeley Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Visible metal
Howe Grayson Co, Texas Stone, H5 Dk brown, metal
Huckitta Australia Stony Iron, Pallasite Weathered pallasite
Hughes 001 Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, LL6 Brown, metal
Hughes 003 Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, H5 Dk brown, metal
Hugoton Stevens Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Visible metal, dark matrix
Huizopa Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IVA Nice IVA iron
Hunter Garfield Co, Oklahoma Stone, LL5 Dk grey, visible metal
. . .
Ibitira Minas Gerais, Brazil Stone, Achondrite Vacuoles, lt grey, very rare
Idutywa Transki, S Africa Stone, H5 Dk matrix, metal
Ilafegh 002 Algeria Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Metal-rich sections
Imilac Atacama, Chile Stony Iron, Pallasite
Grade 1
Excellent pallasite
Indarch Shusha, Azerbaijan Stone, Enstatite, EH4 Rare classification, rare locality
Indian Valley Floyd Co, Virginia Iron, Hexahedrite, IIA Unusual iron, IIA
Indio Rico Buenos Aires, Argentina Stone, H6 Visible metal
Ingella Station Queensland, Australia Stone, H5 Lt. brown, metal
Iredell Bosque Co, Texas Iron, IIB Coarsest octahedrite
Isna Luxor, Egypt Stone, Carbonaceous, CO3 Tan matrix, small chondrules, very rare type
Insoulane-n-Amahar Erg Issaouane, Algeria Stone, L6 Brown, weathered, metal
. . .
Jackalsfontein Beaufort West, S Africa Stone, L6 Visible metal
Jaralito Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIC Coarse octahedrite
Jelica Serbia Stone, LL6
melt-rock clasts
Rare locality, nice specimen
Jilin Yongji, China Stone, H5 Large Fall over China
Johnstown Colorado Stone, Achon., Diogenite Very rare class, from Asteroid Vesta
Juancheng China Stone, H5
freshly recovered fall
Fresh matrix, bright metal
Julesburg Sedgwick Co, Colorado Stone, L3 Very nice chondrules
Juvinas Entraigues, France Achondrite Rare eucrite, nice

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