Micros and Macros from New England Meteoritical Services

Alphabetized Listing, A-C.

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Name Location Type, Classification Notable attributes
Abbott Colfax County, New Mexico Stone, H3-6 contains CM-like xenoliths
Abee Alberta, Canada Stone, Enstatite impact-melt very rare class, scientifically important
Abernathy Lubbock Co, Texas Stone, L6 Found in a rock garden by Nininger
Acfer 011 Agemour, Algeria Stone, H5 Dark brown, visible metal
Acfer 021 Agemour, Algeria Stone, H6 Low cost stone meteorite
Acfer 050 Agemour, Algeria Stone, H6 Metallic inclusions
Acfer 091 Agemour, Algeria Stone, LL5-6 LL5/6 transitional class
Acfer 244 Agemour, Algeria Stone, H6 Dark brown interior
Achilles Rawlins County, Kansas Stone, H5 Veined chondrite
Acme Chaves County, New Mexico Stone, H5 Dark brown chondrite found by Nininger in 1947
Ad-Dahbubah Saudi Arabia Stone, H5 200 lbs. when found, stable, chondrules
Adams County Colorado Stone, H5 Brecciated chondrite
Adhi Kot Pakistan Stone, Enstatite EH4 Very rare class, high iron subgroup
Admire Lyon County, Kansas Stony Iron, Pallasite Dark orange olivine crystals
Adrian Deaf Smith Co, Texas Stone, H4 Veined chondrite, visible metal
Adzhi-Bogdo Gobi Altay, Mongolia Iron, IA A rare Mongolian meteorite
Adzhi-Bogdo Gobi, Mongolia Stone, LL3-6 A rare class from a rare locality
Aggie Creek Alaska Iron, IIIA Alaskan meteorites are rare
Aguada Cordobo, Argentina Stone, L6 A nice low metal, stone meteorite
Ahumada Chihuahua, Mexico Stony Iron, Pallasite Orange/yellow olivine crystals
Ainsworth Brown Co, Nebraska Iron, IIB A stable hexahedrite
Aioun el Atrouss Mauritania Stone, Diogenite A rare brecciated diogenite
Air Agadez, Niger Stone, L6 Shocked, melt pockets
Akbarpur Uttar Pradesh, India Stone, H4 A black brecciated meteorite
Akron (1961) Washington Co. Colorado Stone, L6 Visible metal, chondrules
Akyumak East Anatolia, Turkey iron, IVA fine octahedrite Stable, nice pattern
Al-Ghanim Rub'al Khali, Saudi Arabia Stone, L6 Dark matrix, metal
Alamogordo Otero, New Mexico Stone, H5 Brown, metal-rich
Albin Laramie, Wyoming Stony Iron, Pallasite Angular olivine crystals
Albion Whitman, Washington Iron, IVA Very rare iron with vugs
Alfianello Lombardia, Italy Stone, L6 Fell on Feb. 16 1883
Allegan Michigan Stone, H5 Light colored stone
Allen Collin Co, Texas Stone, H4 Stone, shock veins
Allende Mexico Stone, Carbonaceous CV3 The most-liked and affordable carbonaceous chondrite
Allred Yoakum Co, Texas Stone, L4 Dark grey/brown, metal
Alta'ameem Humira, Iraq Stone, LL5 A brecciated LL4 - rare
Altonah Duchesne County, Utah Iron, IVA fine octahedrite Found in 1932, stable iron
Alvord Lyon Co, Iowa Iron, IVA Found while plowing a field
Amber Grady Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 A black stone chondrite
Ankober Bolede, Ethiopia Stone, H4 Fell July 7, 1942, rare locality
Anthony Harper, Kansas Stone, H5 Dark brown
Apt Vaucluse, France Stone, L6 Observed Fall, veined chondrite
Arapahoe Cheyenne Co, Colorado Stone, L5 Black chondrite
Arispe Sonora, Mexico Iron, IC coarse octahedrite Nice, stable, IC iron
Arriba Lincoln Co, Colorado Stone, L5 Brecciated chondrite
Ashmore Gaines Co., Texas Stone, H5 Dark brown, bright metal
Atlanta Winn Co, Louisiana Enstatite, EL6 Very rare classification
Aumale Sour el Ghozlane, Algeria Stone, L6 Veined chondrite
Ausson Haute Garonne, France Stone, L5 Seen to Fall in 1858
Axtell Texas Stone, Carbonaceous, CV3 Spectacular display of chondrules
. . .  
Babb's Mill (Troost) Greene Co, Tennessee Ataxite A nickel-rich iron meteorite
Bachmut Donetsk, Ukraine Stone, L6 Brown, viaible metal
Bandong West Java, Indonesia Stone, LL6 Brecciated,chondrules
Barbotan Gers, France Stone, H5 Veined chondrite, Fell
July 24, 1790 
Barea Navarra, Spain Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Lots of metal in this mesosiderite
Baroti Simla Hill States, India Stone, L6 Fell Sept. 15 1910
Barratta New South Wales, Australia Stone, L4 Vivid chondrules
Bartlett Bell Co, Texas Iron, IIIA Found on a farm
Barwise Floyd Co, Texas Stone, H5 Dark brown stone
Bath Brown Co, S Dakota Stone, H4 Fell Aug. 29, 1892
Bath Furnace Bath Co, Kentucky Stone, L6 Brown, visible metal
Bayard Scotts Bluff, Nebraska Stone, L5 Dark grey, metal flakes
Bear Creek Jefferson Co, Colorado Iron, IIIB Octahedrite Medium octahedrite
Beardsley Rawlins Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Fell Oct. 15, 1929
Beaver Beaver Co, Oklahoma Stone, L5 Was used as a door stop in a jail for forty years before being recognized
Beaver Creek British Columbia, Canada Stone, H5 Rare, light brown stone
Bechar 001 Algeria Stone, L6 Found by nomads
Beeler Ness Co, Kansas Stone, LL4 Nice, brecciated stone
Beenham Union Co, New Mexico Stone, L5 Veined stone
Bella Roca Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIB Medium octahedrite
Belmont Lafayette Co, Wisconsin Stone, H6 Veined, grey, stone meteorite
Bennett County South Dakota Iron, IIA Hexahedrite A nickel-poor irn meteorite
Bereba Bobo, Burkina Faso Stone, Achondrite A brecciated, eucrite, nice, rare
Berlanguillas Burgos, Spain Stone, L6 A hard to find Spanish meteorite
Bholghati Maurbhanj, India Stone, Howardite One of the rarest classes.
Bielokrynitschie Zaslavi, Ukraine Stone, H4 Black, veined chondrite
Big Rock Donga Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, H6 Nice, brown, meteorite
Billygoat Donga Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, L6 Stable, brown, visible metal
Bischtube Turgai, Kazakhstan Iron, IA Octahedrite Stable, coarse octahedrite
Bishop Canyon San Miguel Co, Colorado Iron, IVA Found in 1912
Bishopville Lee Co, S Carolina Stone, Aubrite Rare, Ca-poor Aubrite
Bison Rush Co, Kansas Stone, LL6 Very nice brecciated stone
Bjurbole Borga, Finland Stone, L/LL4 Very light grey, chondrules
Blanket Brown Co, Texas Stone, L6 Dark brown
Bledsoe Cochran Co, Texas Stone, H4 Brown, metal flakes
Bluff (a) Fayette Co, Texas Stone, L5 Greenish/grey, great meteorite
Boerne Kendall Co, Texas Stone, H6 Visible metal, brown matrix
Bondoc Luzon, Phillippines Stony Iron, Mesosiderite A strange looking mesosiderite
Bonita Springs Lee County, Florida Stone, H5 Found in an ancient Indian sand mound
Boriskino Russia Stone, Carbonaceous, CM2 Rare carbonaceous chondrite
Bovedy Londonderry, Northern Ireland Stone, L3 Nice chondrules
Brahin Gomel, Byelarus Stony Iron, Pallasite Fragmental olivine crystals
Brandon Perkins Co, Nebraska Stone, L6/7 Dark brown
Brenham Kiowa Co, Kansas Stony Iron, Pallasite A nice stable pallasite, low cost
Brewster Thomas Co, Kansas Stone, L6 Visible metal, brown interior
Bristol Sullivan Co, Tennessee Iron, IVA Stable iron meteorite
Brownfield Terry Co, Texas Stone, H3 Brown, metal flake
Bruderheim Alberta, Canada Stone, L6 Grey interior, visible metal, nice
Budulan Chita, Russia Stony Iron, Mesosiderite Lots of metal, inclusions
Buenaventura Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IIIB Nice, medium octahedrite
Bur-Gheluai Somalia Stone, H5 Brecciated stone meteorite from a rare locality
Burnabbie Hampton, Australia Stone, H5 Dark brown, metal flake, nice
Burns Flat Washita Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 Mottle brown/grey interior
Bursa Bursa, Turkey Stone, L6 Dark grey, stone, metal
Buschhof Zemgale, Latvia Stone, L6 Light grey, lots of visible metal, nice
. . .  
Cabezo de Mayo Murcia, Spain Stone, L/LL6 A nice stone meteorite, chondrules
Cachari Azul, Argentina Stone, Achondrite Brecciated eucrite, rare
Caddo County Oklahoma Iron, IAB silicate Inclusions Unusual iron
Calico Rock Izzard Co, Arkansas Iron, Hexahedrite A hard to find class
Calliham McMullen Co, Texas Stone, L6 Brown, metal flake
Camel Donga Nullarbor, Australia Stone, Achondrite An excellent achondrite, affordable
Campo del Cielo Chaco, Argentina Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite, nice
Canakkale Bayramic, Turkey Stone, L6 Visible chondrules
Cangas de Onis Asturias, Spain Stone, H5 Light grey matrix, metal, nice
Canon City Fremont Co, Colorado Stone, H6 Dark brown interior, metal
Canton Cherokee Co. Georgia, Iron, IIIA Medium octahedrite
Canyon Diablo Coconino Co, Arizona Iron, IA An all time favorite
Cape Girardeau Missouri Stone, H6 Fell August 14, 1946
Cape of Good Hope South Africa Iron, IVB Ataxite Nice ataxite, clear
Cape York West Greenland, Greenland Iron, IIIA Great Wid. Pattern, nice meteorite
Carbo Sonora, Mexico Iron, IID Vivid Wid. Pattern, nice inclusions
Carichic Chihuahua, Mexico Stone, H5 Brown, lots of metal
Carnegie Caddo Co, Oklahoma Stone, L6 Nice low cost stone meteorite
Carver Alabama Iron, IIA Hexahedrite Plowed up in Macon Co. in 1930.
Castalia Nash Co, N Carolina Stone, H5 Always popular, not always available
Cat Mountain Pima Co, Arizona Stone, L5 Impact Melt Extraordinary impact-melt
Cavour Beadle Co, S Dakota Stone, H6 Brecciated stone, nice
Chainpur Azamgarh, India Stone, LL3 Nice, rare class of low-iron stone meteorite
Chamberlin Dallam Co, Texas Stone, H5 Dark Grey, metal flake, low cost
Changxing Shanghai, China Stone, H5 Lots of metalm chondrules
Channing Hartley Co, Texas Stone, H5 Brown, metal flake
Chantonnay Vendee, France Stone, L6 Black, brecciated. Fell Aug. 5 1812
Charlotte Dickens Co, Tennessee Iron, IVA octahedrite Fell in 1835, fine octahedrite
Chateau Renard Montargis, France Stone, L6 Fell June 12, 1841
Chaves Traz-os-Montes, Portugal Stone, Howardite Very rare, piece of asteroid Vesta
Chesterville Chester Co, S Carolina Iron, IIA Hexahedrite Hexahedrite found in 1848
Chico Colfax Co, New Mexico Stone, L6 Nice, dark brown, low cost
Chico Hills Colfax Co, New Mexico Stone, H4 Visible chondrules
Chinga Tanna Tuva, Russia Iron, Ataxite Nice ataxite, some inclusions
Clark County Clark Co, Kentucky Iron, IIIF A hard to find class of iron meteorite
Claxton Evans Co, Georgia Stone, L6 This one was hit a mailbox! See details in our "Current Lab Photo" section
Claytonville Swisher Co, Texas Stone, L5 Nice, visible metal flake
Cleo Springs Major City, Oklahoma Stone, H4 Dark Brown, metal flake
Coahuila Coahuila, Mexico Iron, IIA Nice hexahedrite, inclusions
Cocklebiddy Moonera, Western Australia Stone, H5 A nice Australian meteorite
Cockburn New South Wales, Australia Stone, L6 Contains over 20% iron, chondrules
Cook 007 Nullarbor Plain, Australia Stone, H4 Found on the Nullarbor Plain
Coolac Harden Co, NSW, Australia Iron, IA Coarse octahedrite
Coomandook South Australia Stone, H6 Reddish-brown, stone
Coonana South Australia Stone, H4 Brown, visible metal, low cost
Correo Valencia Co, New Mexico Stone, H4 Dark brown, lots of metal, low cost
Covert Osborne Co, Kansas Stone, H5 Veined chondrite
Cumberland Falls Kentucky Stone, Aubrite Very rare, contains chondritic inclusions
Cynthiana  Harrison Co. Kentucky Stone, L/LL4 Contains melt-rock clasts

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